a reflection of "human" memories..

Wanna start a harem? Check this out!!

1. To start a harem, you have to possess: sarcasm, spiky hair, no eyes,

 and invisible reproductive organs;

2. Parents of a son matching the above description hate living with

them, and working in Japan. They will move out of the country before

their son hits puberty;

3. The harem you attract will always include: a boke, a tsundere, and an

osanajimi. Never more than one of each. If there are twins, one must be

 a tsundere;

4. Osanajimi who are genuinely smitten with you for most of their

childhood will not mind if another girl makes moves on you. In fact,

 they will actively aid the said girl;

5. Because cellullar technology has sponteneously disappeared, courtship

 involves running into each other randomly, in various parts of town;

6. Girls don’t find it creepy if you somehow bump into them every day in

 different places. In fact, the more often this happens, the greater your

 chances of marital bliss;

7. To detect whether a girl can be romantically pursued, you only need

 to talk to her and find out whether she has a voice, and more varied

 facial expressions than others;

8. The moment you start getting serious with a girl, every other girl in

 your life gets telepathically informed of your new relationship, and

 stop calling;

9. No matter how charming they are, your best friend will never attract

 any girl you have spoken to;

10. No matter how rich/poor or fashionable, most people own a single set

 of clothes that are dirt-resistant and indestructible.

11. These girls have good personality, etc… and yet they don’t have any boyfriend yet…

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